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Our Values



Enjoy the time spent with one another



Be pleasant to your neighbors

Appreciation of community


Take pride in yourself and where you live

Values from baseball


We achieve more together than by ourselves


The pitcher is only as good as the catcher is at calling the game and defense on the field.



Success is achieved by trying, failing, adjusting, and not giving up just because things become difficult


The best hitters in baseball only get a hit around 30% of the time they go to the plate – which means roughly 70% of the time they strike out, hit a pop up, or walk.

While facing elimination, the Chicago Cubs had to win 3 games in a row to be crowned 2016 World Champions.



Understand that many help along the journey of success and it should never “go to your head”


Ben Zobrist is a two-time World Champion and World Series MVP who hit the go ahead run in Game 7 of the 2016 World Series. He is also one of the most down-to-earth members of the team. He never would have had the chance to play professional baseball if it wasn’t for his high school baseball coach who encouraged him to participate in a summer event to showcase his skills after he did not receive any college offers. After the event, he got an offer to play at Olivet Nazarene University – and the

rest is history.

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